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About Us

Medicare Decision Analysts is a professional fee-based counseling service which specializes in providing in-depth assistance with Medicare plan decisions. MDA offers unbiased advice and knowledge because MDA does not sell insurance.

Ann J. Rader founded Medicare Decision Analysts to utilize her many experiences with Medicare. When it was time for her husband to make his Medicare plan choices, she decided to seek knowledgeable assistance. After several visits to various insurance agents and even a Medicare consultant, she realized that such unbiased professional help did not exist for individuals. Virtually every adviser was selling insurance.

She discovered that the analysis she had to do in order to help him make an informed decision was almost overwhelming. As the former Chief Financial Officer of a multi-million dollar company, she was appalled at the lack of unbiased information available to her. So, she began the challenging task of researching all of the available plans (not just those of any particular insurance company or agent) and preparing financial analysis tools to help understand the plans.

Quickly she realized she needed a tool to analyze what would happen to out-of-pocket costs under various scenarios of her husband's use of hospitals, doctors and drugs. He had experienced two sudden cardiac arrests and multiple surgeries for stents in the last four years. He was taking several drugs for his condition. Thus, she had to understand how to determine what the total cost of selecting any plan might be.

Fortunately, she was very familiar with Medicare. She had been responsible for the daily management of Medicare for more than 14 years with her late mother and father. She knew the arcane terms and the many processes unique to Medicare.

As word of her work for her husband got out, she began getting requests to explain Medicare and to do the same analytical work for others. She decided to form a professional counseling service to help persons entering Medicare.

That counseling is now available to you as you transition from your present insurance plan to those you might choose under Medicare.

MDA has dealt with many unique situations but continues to see new ones daily. You can be assured that if we have not dealt with your particular set of circumstances, we will spend the time and resources to give you a well-researched analysis and counseling unique to you.

MDA is located in the foothills of Colorado just west of Denver. If you are in our immediate geographic area, we will be able to deal with you face to face. If you are not, MDA will counsel you via telephone and Internet. Either way you will receive the same professional help and all of the same services.

With our proprietary tools and databases, it typically takes about 15 hours of work to do the analysis, prepare reports and hold two counseling sessions with you. Our typical fee for this service is $400. Call or email and explain your situation and we will quote a firm price for your work.

As those we have counseled will tell's a bargain for all you get.

Thanks for allowing us to offer our services.