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Medicare Decision Analysts has one help you successfully navigate through the difficult process of picking a Medicare Plan. We understand that this is a decision which you will essentially make once in a lifetime. We understand that it is confusing and complex. We understand that it could have major financial consequences during your lifetime. We understand that while there is a lot of available information, virtually none of it helps you assess the risks you incur when you select a particular Medicare plan. That is why we are create a personal profile and analysis just for you so that you may understand the options available to you and the risks that those options present.

We also recognize that you want information and advice that is not influenced by commercial interests. Therefore, we do not sell insurance or represent any insurance company. We are independent fee-based counselors committed to confidentiality and professional standards.

We will begin our counseling with a personal interview. Then we present an overview of Medicare so that you have a good understanding of how it works and the decisions that we will assist you to make. We will be happy to answer your many questions. 

Following the interview, we will use our information base and resources to analyze the plans that are available to you. This will result in a detailed report for you which will present your individual choices. It will review the plans offered in your geographic area, ratings of those plans, premium costs, deductibles and co-pays, the amount you could pay out-of-pocket and the out-of-pocket cost risk versus the difference in premiums. It will also explain how to retain your present doctor and give you a way to verify that before you commit to a plan.

Your report will also look at various scenarios of your potential use of doctors and hospital services. This will enable you to make an informed decision about the premiums you want to budget versus the out-of-pocket cost risk you are willing to take.

When the analysis and report are completed, we will schedule a personal review session with you. There we will answer any new questions you have and then proceed to our explanation of your personal analysis. It is our goal that after this review and counseling you will feel comfortable with and be knowledgeable about your Medicare choices.

Your analysis will include a review of Medicare Parts A,B,C and D. Thus we will not only review your hospitalization and doctor choices, but also review your drug coverage and costs.This review might save you a significant sum of money.

Making the best Medicare decision for you will be much simpler when we have completed this review because you will have a good basic understanding of Medicare. You will know what insurance plans are available to you and what they cover. You will know how much your premiums will be and what your out-of-pocket costs might actually be. Thus you will make a sound decision about what options you wish to take with Medicare.

We remain available to you after this review to answer your further questions.

Medicare plan selections are major decisions in your life. You don't have to make those decisions alone. Please allow Medicare Decision Analysts to be your professional counselor to help you make the best Medicare decisions for you.

Please call us at 720 440 8080 or email our President and Founder at [email protected]. If you wish, we will call you at a convenient time. Just complete the form after you click on "Contact Us" in the left hand column above.